Fight for Freedom: Bravery is everywhere...

‘Oars at the ready, heave'. The Coxswains' voice rang loud and clear. As they began to gain movement, around the corner of the path and down the jetty came Lancelin. As they pulled on the oars, all in the boat could see him. Some started to call.

'We have to go back'.

'Come on Lancelin!'

'We are not going back, it will be the end of all of us'. Maedoc was unequivocal.

Artur was in the bow as Lancelin ran down the jetty. 'Come on, you can do it, get ready to jump, we will catch you'. Gourgy and Nouran were by his side.

At the lead of his men, the centurion stopped as the centuria reached the start of the jetty. He turned to his optio who had managed to find a way around the rocks. 'Pass me a pilum'.

Lancelin was running, and as the boat's momentum built his moment was upon him. He altered his steps and leapt in the direction of the boat...