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Fight for Freedom: But the end is never certain...

Morlain surveyed the sparse battlements. It was worse than she had thought. They had done well to hold out for this long, but she could not let Artur’s comments go by without a response.

‘Artur, Lords Killas and Casworon came to your aid with all they could muster. Brave and fearless, they fought determinedly, giving the Romans plenty to think about, instead of thinking about scaling the battlements. Both are men of the valley, Artur, from the old families, and their distant ancestors were here, before the Lords of Achaea, before the Pretan. This sacred land courses through all of us. It is part of us and we are part of it, and none more so than Casworon and Killas. In their words and actions, rock, earth and water speak, as well as the voices of countless souls who have gone before, lived and breathed this valley and this land. They are the original Ocean People, of uncertain beginnings, who were here from the early days. The temples and barrows of their ancestors still stand watch on the hilltops and they will never allow it to be said that the descendants of all who lie in those barrows stood by when the men and women of Nanmeur were in need.’

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