The Return of the Prince: And yet there is hope...

Artur looked around the table and then back again, concentrating strongly and purposefully upon her.

‘I think we are the fighting Dewnan, and with our Veneti brothers, we must make a stand and repulse these people. Yes! I think we should take the fight to them. We are proud and brave warriors, inheritors of the Great Pretani, and we will show these people they are mistaken if they think they can treat us with contempt.’

He forms opinions quickly, she thought. For a man who was uncertain so recently, his purpose seems clear, even if it is misguided. Has he drunk too much wine? Or is there a more positive force at work on him? She looked at Gwalian, who looked back, awaiting her response.

Murmurs of approval spread again around the table at Artur’s words. Morlain, with the slightest rise of one eyebrow, continued, ‘You are right, of course. We have to stand and fight for what we believe in. However, from what I have heard, our visitor is correct when he says that we should not, in any way, take these people lightly. They are efficient and ruthless. Provoking a fight, unless we are confident we will win, would be foolish.’