The Chronicle of the Dewnan is a series of fast-paced, thought-provoking historical fiction. They have an air of fantasy about them that would really appeal to readers who enjoy Bernard Cornwell, Nicola Griffith and Ken Follett. The stories from the Chronicle will be released in volumes over the coming years. This Sacred Land is the first volume of the Chronicle and part 1 and part 2 are available now.

"This is such a unique book that is part of such a unique series, that I just can’t recommend enough. I recommend this book for those who are a fan of folklore, the tales of King Arthur, the history of the Romans, historical fiction or fantasy, so basically anyone!"

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The Roman legions sweep across Gaul. As the last of a rebelling people are put to the sword, Caesar looks to the Ocean and a new threat to his power…





Can Artur make a stand where so many have fallen? There is little chance in battle, and no choice but to fight, so he does the only thing he can do…


IT IS ADDICTIVE. Any good fantasy book will have you flicking over pages faster than you can read them. Particularly in the last section of the book, I was completely enraptured.

Emily - On Goodreads

"Always know you have had a great read when the characters are so alive - they have faults but they are real people. Just finished the second installation and have thoroughly enjoyed from start to end. An excellent read."

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"A fantastic blend of fact and fiction set in the historical context of the author’s local area. Above all else a great story!"

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I live on the Cornish bank of the Tamar, in the midst of the ancient land of the Dewnan.

I’m fascinated by the history of the interaction between people and places and how, even now, as individuals and collectively we are influenced by the land and the ocean that surrounds us, are formed and supported by all who have gone before us.

Landscapes, shaped by human intervention, absorb me with thought and imagination of what might lay hidden, unexplained or simply forgotten in familiar features; a different explanation, yet to be uncovered; that challenges the accepted events, capabilities and connections. Archaeological finds regularly bring new interpretations and alter the accepted truth. Why not anticipate that with informed imagination?


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